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    Acumatica the ERP choice for small and medium businesses

    Acumatica is the only secure, cloud- and browser-based small and mid-size business ERP solution that adapts to your business. You choose the functionality, deployment and licensing that best fits you.

    5 Benefits To Using Acumatica :

    Configurable, extensible, and easily integrates with other systems

    In addition to integrated CRM and ERP modules, Acumatica provides better options to integrate with your existing on-premise systems. A robust API is available to simplify integration; you can see source code and make changes using our web-based tools or standard development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

    On-premise, hosted or SaaS deployment

    Our deployment options are flexible and you can switch easily between them as needs change without losing performance and security. You are never locked in.

    Optimized for mobile use

    You can run your business from anywhere, using any device. We want to make your life easy (and we won’t tell your boss you’re on the beach working really hard).

    Priced for unlimited users, with no hidden fees

    Buy a subscription or buy the license. Acumatica encourages businesses to grow and pricing for unlimited users allows you to involve everybody in your business process improvement so you get the most from your investment.

    Upgrade on your own schedule

    Acumatica gives you the choice of if and when to install an upgrade. You can do the upgrade at a time convenient to you, not when told by a vendor.


    MAIS Municipal Accounting Information System

    MAIS is a Municipal Accounting Information System that enables integrated real-time processing of all transactions for your local government business affairs such as property taxes, business and animal licences, permits and code enforcement, and many more.


    AVR utility billing

    Nobody can put more capabilities and confidence into your utility billing than AVR. The comprehensive utility billing solutions let you put your software to work – and not the other way around. AVR’s Workforce Management modules help organisations and governments optimize their human resource performance.


    MATISSOFT the ERP solution for the manufacturing industry.

    To optimize your operational performance, you need the right tools. Choose Matissoft, the fully integrated ERP solution dedicated specifically to your industry.


    Empowering Organizations Through Digital Transformation - Progress Apogee’s core programs and database are powered by PROGRESS.

    For more than 30 years, Progress has provided their global partners agile technology platforms to build sophisticated, industry-leading business applications. In fact, Progress® OpenEdge® has become the world’s leading platform for simplifying and streamlining the development, integration and management of business applications. More than 1,500 Application Partners use the Progress® OpenEdge® platform to develop, deploy, manage their business applications and increase their operational responsiveness because:

    • OpenEdge is the most productive and efficient application development platform
    • Progress-based applications are easier and more cost-effective to maintain
    • The Progress "shared-success" model for SaaS allows companies to have a true partner in their success

    Progress Software and its Application Partners add 250,000 new users each year—for good reason. Progress can accelerate the ability to solve your industry’s toughest problems without costly migration of existing applications.

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