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Apogee Erp

Business Management Erp software on cloud and in house  system

Benefits of Using Apogee ERP sytem

Easy bookkeeping

Automatic updates of transaction

Multicompany accounts

The management of many different companies or sub companies is possible under one centralised Erp.


The modules can be used independably or could be integrated to suit your company's needs.

Realtime reporting and forecasts

Our Erp permits fluid reporting of data and analysis of your business transactions.

Apogee Erp modules

Optimize the management of your organization's workforce​

Streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and ensure successful project completion.

With Real-time asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and customizable reporting, track, monitor, and optimize your assets

Organize and maintain relationships with your clients with features such as communication tracking.

With features such as automated invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting, optimize your processes.

Designed to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in producing company products.


Apogee Document

.This software permits companies with a large data base of employees, to effectively manage their employee data with ease and reduce time to transmit sensitive data to employees. 

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