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Corporation Vision / R4 is a Canadian company founded in 1996 with a subsidiary Vision (Four) Africa Co. Ltd. in Kenya. We specialize in the development and implementation of integrated enterprise management software solutions. The arches of our logo represent the endless synergy that exists around a sphere of activity, a system entirely controlled around a world of elements.

Our team of experienced specialists will commit to transforming your “project to integrate” into an “integrated project”, offering you a solution in a fraction of the time and cost while ensuring that you transfer their knowledge and expertise to your projects. users. We favor partnership relations. We know that there are no two identical businesses so we help our customers manage their organization with solutions that meet the unique needs of their operations. We are approaching business opportunities ONE CLIENT AT A TIME.

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Financial Management and Accounting

It’s a well-known fact: To succeed in business, a company like yours has to carefully analyze its financial data.

Project Management and Control

You have a service company that manages projects and needs to find a quick way to collect the data needed to compile the resource costs assigned to those projects.

Distribution Logistics

For many companies, distribution logistics is an area with great potential for improvement in integrating enterprise resource planning.


How do I meet the production schedule? Do I respect the forecasts? How can I coordinate the data that is vital for manufacturing?

Winning business solutions



Apogee is a modular and customizable enterprise management software …


Langui has its own “Workforce Management” software fully integrated with Apogee for project management, payroll and finance.


Workforce Management Modules …


PROGRESS Empower organizations through digital transformation …


MATISSOFT The ERP solution for the manufacturing industry ….


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