About Vision

About Vision

Business Profile

Vision/R4 Corp is a Canadian based company founded in 1996 with a subsidiary Vision (Four) Africa Co. Ltd in Kenya. We specialise in developing and implementing integrated enterprise management software solutions. Our logo’s arcs represent the unending synergy that exists around a sphere of activity, a system entirely controlled around a world of elements.

Our team of skilled implementation specialists will take your “project to integrate” and turn it into an “integrated project”, delivering the solution in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost while ensuring that the knowledge and expertise is transferred to the end-users. We recognize that no two enterprises are alike. So we help our customers manage their organisation with solutions that meet the unique requirements of their operations. Our approach is one of partnership. We look at business opportunities ONE CLIENT AT A TIME.

Why Choose Vision

Because we have only one mission in mind: to help our clients achieve their objectives through the effective use of information technology. Our fully integrated software solutions will revolutionise the way you distribute and manufacture products, manage projects, improve customer service and thereby increase your revenues. We will make your life easier by simplifying your business processes and reducing your problems while providing the tools to analyse your data better. After all, it is not enough to process data efficiently. To stay competitive, such information has to be used strategically.

"At Vision, we look after your business"


Apogee is a customizable modular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that resulted from decades of experience in business management software development, which produced a system that is robust, rich in functionality and designed with the end-user in mind.

We are the author of the Apogee software. Therefore, we control its content and destiny. Moreover, its very competitive concurrent user pricing makes it very affordable. Using an advanced object-oriented development framework, industry standard complementary tools and operating on the leading architectures resulted in our integrated business management software that is robust, rich in functionality and designed with the end-user in mind. Our suite of applications comprises core modules for financial control, project management, distribution logistics and manufacturing as well as optional modules designed to support individual specialised needs. Our prime focus during the design of our software consists on understanding how you do things, as opposed to what you do. This business process creates a most flexible software suite that will enable your organisation to overcome those obstacles and challenges needed to be resolved in order to rapidly attain your corporate objectives.

Worldwide clientele


  • ADGA – Engineering consulting firm – Service (project oriented) organisation
  • AMD Distribution – Paint manufacturer – Manufacturing and distribution
  • Aliments Cell Foods – Dehydrated vegetables and seasonings manufacturer – Manufacturing and distribution
  • Bioforce Canada – Vitamins and supplements distributor – Distribution
  • Commissionaires – 9 divisions across Canada of security agents mostly for the federal government – Service (project oriented) organisation
  • Alimentation Sunbec Food – Food distributor – Distribution
  • Brooks Pepperfire Foods – Food Manufacturer – Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Dettson – Furnace manufacturer – Manufacturing
  • Faucher Industries – Auto parts distributor – Distribution
  • Ravitaillement International – Packaging Products – Distribution
  • Labo Dermo – Cosmetic manufacturer – Manufacturing and distribution
  • PLB International – Cat and dog food manufacturer – Manufacturing and distribution
  • CaniSource – Cat and dog food manufacturer – Manufacturing and distribution
  • Couvoir Réal Côté – Hatchery – Finance
  • Alfred Couture – Mill – Finance
  • Varitron Technologies – Specialized electronics assembly – Custom Manufacturing
  • Vivavision – Film and TV production company – Service (project oriented) organisation
  • JM Henri – Mill – Finance


  • Chemplex – Fertilizer and chemical manufacturer – Manufacturing and distribution
  • Zimpost – Zimbabwe Post Office Corporation – Service organisation
  • Interbeauty Products Ltd – Cosmetics manufacturer – Manufacturing and distribution
  • African Virtual University – Education by internet courses – Service organisation
  • WSP LAMU and WSP Malindi, water company – ERP and utility billing


  • RHEA – Engineering consulting firm – Service (project oriented) organisation
  • Cambridge data flow, Consultant – Service
  • Electronics for imaging United Kingdom, Computer and software company – Service