Apogee Products

Apogee Products

Apogee is a customizable modular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that resulted from decades of experience in business management software development, which produced a system that is robust, rich in functionality and designed with the end-user in mind.

Apogee’s core programs and database are powered by PROGRESS.

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Apogee’s core programs and database are powered by PROGRESS…

Introducing Apogee Software

Financial & Accounting

It’s a given: to compete successfully, organizations like yours need to spend time carefully analyzing financial information. The other side of the coin? Where do you find time when much of the staff is devoted to processing and tracking down data from different sources and relentlessly trying to reconcile those ledgers?

The APOGEE integrated Financial Management & Accounting family of products can solve these issues. The application uses all the power of sub-ledger accounting coupled to a very flexible relational entity hierarchy concept that allows reporting at any level of your organisation across companies and/or divisions. Integrating the optional encumbrance accounting and budget control, you can proactively manage your overall financial planning and purchasing within the same system. Using true multi-currency functionality, these modules help you deal with the intricacies of international accounting and foreign currency management.

Project Management and Control

You are a service enterprise that is project driven, and need to find a way to promptly collect the data required to compile the cost of all resources assigned to those projects. The management of actual cost versus budgeted by sub-projects, activities and external resources is much time consuming. You need to further integrate work-in process and turn it into cost plus, milestone or prorated billing. You feel those best of breed software have forgotten all about this sector of the economy.

Designed exactly to improve the efficiency of the service enterprises, the apogee project management and control uses solid costing techniques and combine matrix accounting functions that tracks all human and material resources assigned to a project, external activities sub-contracted and those often forgotten expense accounts. The project billing assures a timely issuance of invoices following various billing techniques, in the format required by the client. The natural integration to your office automation creates a unique and homogeneous working environment for the users.

Distribution Logistics

For many companies, the distribution logistics is the area that represents the most po-tential for improvement in the enterprise resource planning integration. The powerful features of apogee‘s distribution logistics guide you to capitalize on the oppor-tunity by addressing a wide range of product management issues, and enabling your organi-zation to best deal with such daily concerns and challenges:

  • What products need stocking
  • When should you buy
  • How to determine total cost of inventory ownership
  • Where do the sales come from
  • Should you order-fill from existing stock
  • How much should you buy
  • How to manage best my distribution facilities and shipping processes
  • How much profit on this line of product

To control your margins and transactions in this highly competitive world, our distribution logistics help track inventory turnover, and increase the customer service level. The integrated cost accounting and inventory management can be performed on a broad variety of methods, including serialized, lot control and weighted average, as well as a most comprehensive product kiting. The natural integration to your office automation creates a unique and homogeneous environment for the users.


How do i keep production on schedule? Is it in line with the forecast? How can i coordinate all the data that is so vital to the manufacturing process? What is the real cost of my production? What should the selling price really be? Could i do a better job at anticipating costs and judging lead-time? So many questions that remain unanswered.

The apogee manufac-turing family helps ad-dress these challenges, combining make-to-stock, make-to-order and engineered-to-order requirements in one complete solution. This manufacturing management software is equally beneficial for an mrpii or job shop operation, combining the ease to manage both manufacturing philosophies under one application. Whether your production is driven by forecast, a master schedule, client orders or just-in-time, you will have a much easier job of better controlling the production activities. If you do custom manufacturing, you will have access to effective controls that will greatly enhance the production of engineered-to-order products. The integrated quality management and preventive maintenance applications will give your manufacturing environment that edge to beat your competition. The natural integration to your office automation creates a unique and homogeneous working environment for the users.