Success story

Success Story

1- Web used with tabs and smartphones (LANGUI)

“The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires” employs several thousand guards and security personnel. They use the Commissionaires Human Resource Information System (CHRIS) software solution that was developed by our partner LANGUI Systems Inc. This software is totally integrated with some of our Apogee modules: project management, payroll and financials.

The security agency knows in real time the deployment and the movement of its workforce using PCs, tablets and smartphones. They also have the ability to manage incidents, create time sheets and export them to our payroll module. All is done through web access and cloud services. They can give access to its customers to monitor their shift schedules, review events that have occurred at their sites and to initiate / monitor work requests directly in CHRIS.

There is also an automated process for the replacement or/and the assignation of resources, e.g. shift workers. That process is determined by many parameters: qualification, years of experience, hours already done during the week, security clearance, etc.

2- An alternative to SAP and others ERP’s – L’Oreal East Africa (plant in Nairobi, Kenya)

Before InterConsumer was sold to L’oreal, they already used Apogee’s full ERP software with the manufacturing, distribution and financials modules. After buying InterConsumer (now Interbeauty), L’Oreal wanted to implement SAP like in every L’Oreal division all over the world. After seeing all of Apogee’s capabilities, they decided to keep the software and paid for an interface to transfer data between Apogee and SAP (a much cheaper solution).

3- Integration with a different technology (Matiss)

Matiss specializes in industrial automation and has its own ERP software called Matissoft.

Matissoft is a production management software specifically designed for mills and farms.

Matissoft was looking for a supplier of a financial software to integrate to its ERP in order to offer a complete solution to its clients. After an exhaustive search, Apogee was selected.

Even though Matissoft’s ERP was developed in another technology than the one used by Vision/R4 (Apogee), the total integration is done in real time and is transparent to the users by the use of web services (API).

4- Integration with specialized software (AVR from Houston, Texas)

AVR from Houston, Texas, was incorporated in 1964 and developed a billing software solution for utility companies. By integrating their solution with Apogee’s ERP, AVR can now offer a more complete solution and expand his international clientele with Vision/R4 as a partner. For example, many water companies in Kenya now use this integrated solution.